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Who we are & What we do
Project Management & Consulting

Blueprint is a privately owned firm based in Melbourne managing projects throughout Australia.

We are independent project managers, development managers and consultants with particular expertise in all aspects of property development and managing capital works projects.

We also help industry bodies, local and state governments and individual companies work through planning issues and advise them on the practical implications of development proposals to achieve an overall approval.

Building around a core team, our directors and staff are professionals with a broad range of experience and professional qualifications to draw upon, enabling us to add value through all phases of a project and provide an extended range of skills to our clients.

Our Services:
• Project Management
• Development Management
• Distressed Project Services
• Retirement Village Services
• Planning Management
• Feasibility Analysis
• Client Representation
• Independent Project Audits
• Value Management
• Tenancy Co-ordination
• Property Insurance Reinstatement
• Master Programming
• Property Consultants (Planning expertise,
feasibility studies, etc)

We have expanded the traditional role of project management by getting much more involved than traditional project managers in helping to get potential projects off the ground. This intensive work in the development stage has often created extra efficiencies once construction gets underway.

Our involvement in resolving the difficulties that can stall or block projects has given us practical insights into a whole range of planning and implementation issues. We now advise landowners, industry associations and even government departments on the implications of development options and proposals, and work with them to create efficient solutions.

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