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How & Why
The process

Building around a core team, our staff are professionals with a broad range of experience and professional qualifications to draw upon, enabling us to add value through all phases of a project and provide an extended range of skills to our clients.

For consulting to be valuable, it needs to have a practical focus. All our input is based on experience and focused on your objectives.

On the other hand, we are retained by industry groups to help them understand long-term trends in specialised areas such as the infrastructure of bulky goods retailing. The starting point for any worthwhile consultancy is a conversation that identifies your needs and the contribution we can make. We will then work with you to map out the extent of our involvement and set objectives that can be reviewed regularly to make sure we are adding the value you are looking for.

Our focus is on getting the best possible result through each of the development phases which may be categorised as follows:

- Initiation
- Planning
- Design

- Delivery

Overall responsibility for the entire project is taken by one of the three directors, who then assemble a team to complete each phase.

Sometimes it is as straight forward as providing on-the-spot ballpark estimates for various suggested development ideas so you don’t waste time on unfeasible options.

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